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toshiba laptopDo you have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest in your business arsenal?  Sales Automation Group offers the best in social sales and marketing (SCRM), customer service (CSR), and sales force automation (SFA) software and operations design.  We include website design enhancement and integration to your CRM and accounting to complete your sales and customer service solution.  GoldMine's Premium Edition has gone Mobile!  Did we mention SmartPads and SmartPhones? 


Join the emerging economic recovery.  Let us equip you to Grow Your Business Now!  

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Web Design
Web Design

World Class web design that will integrate your SCRM solution.

SCRM Solutions
Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Solutions for your complex marketing challenges.
iMIS Software

Get People to Your Website Now!
Are you a local business?
Use a combination of Google's new Local Business Center coupled with our proprietary Landing Pages. We have high success in raising the level of organic search results with our methods!
Every good businessman knows two things:
1. If you don't rate high on the Internet your competition will win
2. Working with search engines for the local business is tricky, but not all that difficult

The new third thing is:
3. Use Google's Geo-Targeting technology with our new proprietary Landing Page techniques. Your local business reaches your neighbors. We'll help you to reach page one on the local search pages!
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GoldMine's "Go Mobile" Premier Edition 9.2!

Front Range Solutions has announced the launch of GoldMine Premier Edition 9.2.  FrontRange has listened to GoldMine users; GoldMine now synchronizes in real time with MS Outlook.

1. New Real Time Dashboards for instant management,
2. Enjoy all the advantages of GoldMine E-mail Center plus
3. Run GoldMine from your MS Outlook application
4. See GoldMine information inside of MS Outlook; click back and forth
5. Go Mobile with GoldMine on iPads and iPhones!
6. Sales Automation Specializes in upgrading GoldMine CE users to GoldMine PE
7. Now is the time to get ready for the emerging economic recovery
Ask us to show you what upgrading your current GoldMine will do for you!