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Wheel of Business
The "End to End" business system myth challenge has been met!
The Business Force Multipler!

Wheel of Business™ is a dream come true for every one:

The Wheel of Business My Dashboard resides on top of your GoldMine Desktop, just like the Pimary Contact Record. WOB adds unprecedented enhancements to sales and marketing capabilities and provides the missing functions: help desk, contract management, quoting and proposals, plus full integration to accounting.



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"The Wheel of Business seamlessly turns a midTier CRM into a TierOne CRM for a fraction of the cost!"

Jeffery P. Jones, VP of Information Technology, SunCorp Corporate Credit Union, a 3B dollar corporation

The Wheel of Business provides you with the best of both worlds. You get the cost effectiveness of an off the shelf CRM and the built to order personalized interface and functionality of a customized database. The combination is powerful, versatile, flexible, and scaleable."

-Evan Crist, President, Correctional Psychology Services, Denver, CO

With Wheel of Business™ and GoldMine® we provide a true end to end business solution to the small to medium size businesses that will rid your business of "islands of data", duplicate data entry, and add the ability to drill down to the smallest business detail, right inside of GoldMine!

Accounting Viewer – Never Be Blind Again!

View sales order information by customer, order number, line items, or sales order header, or answer invoicing questions by invoice number, header, line items or by customer, all without asking accounting. Find out what is in inventory. All of this available to every GoldMine user without a user access to your accounting system!


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The Wheel of Business (WOB) core dashboard adds all of the normally required functions to these three other components of a full business system:


  1. Accounting Package (QuickBooks, MAS 90, Great Plains, and others)
  2. Fax/E-mail package (FaxRush is highly recommended), and
  3. CRM package (GoldMine).
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