Sales Automation Group

CRM Communicatorâ„¢

The next level of corporate brochure includes all of the elements of the Presence and Communicator websites, plus an information form that is filled in by the visitor to your Website and sent to you to automatically create a new contact record in GoldMine, the most popular Business Contact Manager on the market.


Major items:

  1. Request form with up to five fields of demographics.
    1. Form on Website which is filled in by visitors and submitted
    2. Form includes up to five fields of information you want to know about prospects for your business before calling them
    3. Information sent to you is received by GoldMine with a new contact record automatically generated into GoldMine with the contact information
  2. Automated process added to GoldMine that does two things:
    1. Sends a thank you e-mail back to the visitor that is geared to the subject matter submitted (up to two subjects included)
    2. Schedules a call back in a GoldMine user's calendar to respond to visitor and start the sales process
    3. Optionally notify another GoldMine user of the new lead.
    4. We will create the e-mail templates for response to the web inquiries
  3. Options include additional demographic fields, additional subjects to be covered by automated answers.

    You may also consider the Custom Commerce website.