Sales Automation Group

Online Corporate Brochure:

The first level of a corporate brochure Website offered by Sales Automation Group is the least expensive, but will still provide the kind of presence that you may be seeking, for example as a member of your local Chamber of Commerce, who will be looking to include your web site listing on their directory for you that this new Website fulfills. There are no frills to this Website, but as with all Websites done by SAG, it will have a professional look and visual appeal. In addition we will have some infrastructure built in that provides the ability to know aggregate hits from visitors and market your services accordingly.


Major items:

  1. A single This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it contact address
  2. Content pages as shown in the Navigation Schema. Typical examples would include:
    1. Home
    2. About Us
    3. Products and Services
    4. Contact Us
    5. Disclaimer Page
  3. An inquiry form for web users to submit their requests for information and opt-in for news updates.
  4. Streamlined navigation and consistent theme throughout site.

Search Engine:

SAG will do mass submit to about 150 search engines using our proprietary program.

Design of Site:

  1. We'll give you multiple designs to choose from.
  2. We'll ask you to submit to us three candidate names for the domain name of your Website. We will handle the submission and acquisition of your domain name and listing it worldwide at all the domain name managers via registration with an official domain name registrar. We will register your domain name for three years at the end of which time you can renew. (When you register a domain name, you are 'leasing' the right to use this name for a limited period of time. In order to retain these rights you must re-subscribe periodically to keep it active.)
  3. Content is especially important for the purpose of the Website. You will receive a Website Workbook that explains the importance of each element in the Website while asking important questions that guide us in how to most efficiently design the site to achieve your goals. In some cases we'll come back to you with an assessment of the odds of achieving your goals at the price range you have chosen.
  4. Links are important to Website presence and help your rating with the Internet search engines. If you are a local or regional business, you will want to have at least one local membership that indicates that you are indeed a professional business involved in your community. The most important of these will be your local Chamber of Commerce. They will list you on their site and you can use your new site from SAG as your listing with the chamber. You will also want to include memberships in trade organizations or other kinds of things that qualify you. You will also want to make sure that your trade association includes a link to your new web site on their Website.
  5. Once we have your choice of design, and the specifics gathered from the answers to questions we have provided in your SAG Website workbook, we will commence on the actual construction of the site. We will typically be ready to show you our 'first delivery' in two-three weeks depending on our current work load. From that point on, we have our own internal target to get the project finished and published in one week, according to your availability. That means that we work steadily on updates and re-submit rapidly for your approval.

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