Sales Automation Group

First Class Training

Training can be approached several different ways for maximum efficiency. In today's world, getting the worker away from the work environment for a period of time to concentrate on the training exercise is still the most successful time spent. However, it does not require traveling away from the work place to reach maximum efficiency, just an environment where the worker will not be distracted by any other activities.


At Sales Automation Group, we began on-line training using remote access technology some 15 years ago. Often, using the actual application and having multiple users logged into the same training session provides a user community environment with an optimum ability to follow along and begin to develop navigation skills that are not possible when being trained in a presentation environment.  Some of our clients have training facilities that provide hands-on training in a computer lab classroom environment. That is perhaps the most effective with remote on-line training a close second.

The most effective training is on the installed custom configuration of the application that you will be using every day. SAG often has some moderate required reading before a training session, again, to make the time taken to train the most effective.  We emphasize hands-on skills that are basic and make sure with repetition that these are known. Once the new user has some basic skills under their belt, they have been enabled to feel comfortable with exploring additional features avialable to them, often on their own. In our many years of training, we have found that this approach is the very best to get a new user up and running with every day skills.  Attempting to learn everything about an application on day one is not practical and almost always an information over-load.

Again, training on the actual custom configuration and the most important daily tasks that you as a user are doing is our training mantra.  It has brought us much success!